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To expand professional development opportunities for Ithaca College Staff members, ICHR supports the cost of job related development programs. Professional development opportunities that enhance the staff member’s ability to support the College’s effort to attain its mission, vision, guiding values, and strategic plan are encouraged.  

Application Process:

Staff Development Funds may cover all or a portion of the registration fees for professional development opportunities.  Examples of development opportunities that will be supported by the Staff Development Fund include but are not limited to:

  • Job related conferences
  • Job related training sessions
  • Job related new certifications

Staff Development Funds will not cover travel and expenses at any time. 

To access funding support for professional development opportunities, staff members must apply by completing and submitting the Request for Staff Development Funding Form (above).   To be considered, applications must be submitted at least 60 days prior to participation in the event. 

Request Process:

  1. Employee submits request > Request routes to Supervisor
  2. Supervisor reviews and approves > Request routes to Human Resources (HRBP for the Division)
  3. Human Resources reviews and determines approval

For full details, please visit the Staff Development Fund webpage. 

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Supervisor Approval

If you approve of the above request, please complete the request with your signature. 

If you do not approve of the request, we encourage you to have a conversation with the requesting employee to discuss why you did not approve of their request and what they may do in the future to have their request approved.

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HR Review and Approval

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