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Small Grant Application

This award will provide small grants of up to $300 to individual faculty members to help defray the costs connected with developing or redesigning a course that incorporates or is focused on diversity and/or international/cultural issues ( Costs covered include books, other print materials, digital resources such as DVDs or other electronic resources, and laboratory supplies when relevant. Material purchases are limited to items that are directly related to the development or redesign of the course. The program is not intended for use by faculty in their quest for advanced degrees.  Early career faculty are strongly encouraged to apply. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis during the academic year.

Please include:

1.  The course title and whether it is a new course or a redesign of exiting course. Specify how the course will address diversity and/or international/cultural issues. Indicate the semester the course will be taught. 

2.  The specific need for which you are requesting support, including book titles and titles of digital/electronic resources requested.

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