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Faculty Excellence Award Nomination Form

Please note, the nominator is responsible for providing both letters of support at the time of the submission.

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The foremost criterion for the Excellence Awards is an overall excellence  during their time at Ithaca College in the responsibilities of a faculty member’s specific appointment  including teaching, scholarship, service and/or professional activity.

Teaching: Teaching excellence remains at the heart of our institution. Excellent teaching is consistent and sustained, the Committee recognizes pedagogies vary from discipline to discipline and school to school. Diversity and inclusion are considered essential components of teaching excellence and enriches our campus.

Scholarship: Ithaca College and the Center for Faculty Excellence recognize many forms of excellence regarding scholarly work. The Boyer Model  is one model used to embrace various forms of quality scholarship including but not limited to scholarship of discovery, integration, application, teaching, and artistic endeavor.

Service: Service is also recognized on many levels including service to the department, school, college, profession, and community.

Professional Activity: Continued professional experience and engagement generates valuable insight and relevance to the classroom. Professional activity expands the awareness of Ithaca College and promotes the quality and value of our institution to a broad community.

Descriptions of excellence in teaching, scholarship, and service are stated in the Ithaca College Policy Manual, Volume IV: Faculty Handbook section 4.12.7.

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*Note: Department Chairs (or in the case where a Department Chair is being nominated, the Dean) are not eligible to complete a supporting letter. This checklist is being used in place of the letter.

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As the Department Chair or Program Director, you may choose to provide additional context to the nominee’s supporting materials below.